Recycled wedding favors!

Toni, one of my bridesmaids shared this website, Do It Yourself Weddings, with me and it got the creative juices flowing! It has lists and links to different crafty projects from favors, invitations and programs to centerpieces and garters! One of my project ideas is to make my own garter! I would love to have a variety of pieces of clothing from each of the women in my family incorporated into the garter. When I go home in February, I will be attacking my grandmother's attic to see what treasures I can find!

Another project from the website that I really liked was a wedding invitation made from a champagne label! So unique! I may consider something like this if we choose to do any save-the-date cards.

Handmade Wedding Invitation

After spending a few too many hours researching this, I came up with a great idea for wedding favors!! It's using things found around the house and each will be unique and handmade by me! I can't wait to get started, but I will leave you in suspense until I have a few samples to post! One clue: it's something to use when you're drinking wine. :-)

Here are a few more links that I have found helpful.
Esty.com Buy & Sell Handmade
Eco Etsy

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