Holiday Cards using wedding photos!

Ok, so this first post is sort of a no-brainer. Using a wedding photo to create your first holiday card as a married couple! There are tons of ways to create a photo holiday card. Some use Snapfish, VistaPrint, or other online resources. Some go to their local Wal-mart or Walgreens.

Then there are the designers out there who decide to "up the ante" and create their own cards amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday craziness. That last group would be us. We design not only our own cards, but both sets of parents and a grandparent on each side. That's a total of 5 cards to design and we usually don't start until a week or so before Christmas. :-)

So I thought I'd post the cards we made last year before this winter season is totally over. Can you tell which cards were designed by Derek and which were done by me? Sort of obvious, but now we collaborate on our designs and they are even better! Enjoy!

Derek & Rachel (fresh newlyweds!)

Bride's Family

Groom's Family

Grandmother of the Bride

Grandfather of the Groom