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Photo courtesy of Jen, author of the Green Wedding Shoes blog.

This new find is a "must-share!" I love the inspirational photos of real weddings! I could go through the blog archives for hours at a time! In fact, I did so this afternoon and neglected the work on my desk! :-)

Hope you enjoy Green Wedding Shoes as much as I do!


Green wedding article

Sorry for the blog hiatus, but we've had company in town and as always, work has been crazy. I've done a TON of online browsing for bridesmaid's dresses. After trying on some dresses I had originally liked, I started back at square one. It's much harder than I thought to try and find a financially-friendly, yet appealing dress style for 4 totally different women. But I think I've found a style that I like and the ladies can choose from strapless, halter or straps. I'm going to check it out on Saturday with my mom. Hopefully the colors work well with what I have in mind. I will post photos soon.

Here's a quick article about a real green wedding in Maryland.
Residents use websites to green weddings
I love reading the different ways each couple finds to make their special day "greener"! Also, check out Wedding Wire. It is featured in the article above, and seems to be getting great reviews!


STA World Travel Intership 2009

I need to give a shout-out to two amazing women! Renee and Shanae are applying for the STA World Traveler Internship for 2009. STA Travel will send 2 interns "to traverse the globe experiencing a number of travel adventures and showcasing their experiences daily via a journal/blog, video and podcasts. They will be responsible for describing everything they do and experience with the ultimate goal of inspiring other students and young people to become World Travelers!"

Click Here to see their video!

I think Renee and Shanae were very creative and clever with their submission! I love, love, LOVE the Mac vs. PC approach! Watch it. Rate it. Comment! Help them win! They are seriously the best team for this internship!!!!


Another wonderful DIY!

I found this creative DIY at Offbeatbride and have fallen in love with the idea! Click the link to read the full article:

I hadn't given the topic of footwear much thought, except for the bridesmaids, but now I'm totally painting my own shoes! I don't have much luck finding COMFORTABLE shoes, let alone heels, so I'm giving a pair of my own shoes a bridal makeover!!! I am envisioning some body parts making an appearance somewhere! :-) That said, I have to link to this awesome pair of shoes that were featured on the Street Anatomy Blog

A pair of anatomical Keds available at www.zazzle.co.uk

I may have more DIY projects than I can complete before September! But I'd still like to hear more ideas from all of you!!!!