Biodegradable silverware and garbage bags!

First off, we found a fabulous caterer! The family business Lidderdale Country Store will be catering our reception! Not sure what the menu will be, but I do know it will be delicious!

Uncle Bill and my dad are working with us to be as green as possible. I know there are real plates and silverware available to use, but I hate having to make someone do all those dishes, especially since we will have a lot of guests. So we've been looking into biodegradable table service. I've found a few websites that seem do-able, but we'll definitely have to make room in our budget if this is what we want to use.

The first site I came across was Branch: sustainable design for living They offer compartment plates made of 100% sugar cane fiber (bagasse), a byproduct of the sugar refining process. They also have silverware and nice looking cold cups. This site however, does not offer samples for sale. I'd like to see the durability of the products before I buy a case of 500!

My mom then brought up a good point. How horrible is it to have biodegradable silverware when you throw it into a PLASTIC garbage bag! So I searched around and came upon this site: The Biodegradable Store. They have biodegradable garbage bags of all sizes, as well as silverware, plates and cups. They also had a "heavy-weight" option for the silverware AND samples available! I may go ahead and order a sample of the plates and silverware. I'm just curious to see what compostable corn silverware is like!

I know the biodegradable option may be adding more of a cost to our budget, but if we can save in other areas, I'd really like to do it. Does anyone have any other sites they have come across, or other suggestions? Or are there any dishwasher volunteers out there? :-)

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  1. i will totally wash dishes... as long as i don't have to do it alone!