Reception site: Konferenz Centre

The Konferenz Centre is where we will be having our reception and is located directly across from the Hausbarn. We have rented the entire place which contains Hansen Halle (a large events area), Roten Bar Tavern, and a Dining Room area with a fully-equipped spacious industrial kitchen.

The attempt to be "green" in this case is that the ceremony and reception are at the same site. We will be encouraging our guests to carpool not only to be environmentally-friendly, but also because the parking lot is not gigantic. There is also a discussion about the possibility of a busing system for guests from the hotels to the ceremony, but we haven't worked out those details yet.

Another "Green" factor is that the money needed to rent the facility goes to the Manning Heritage Foundation to help with the preservation of the Hausbarn and Heritage Park.

Here are a few pictures of each room of the building.

Hansen Halle

Roten Bar Tavern

Dining Room

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  1. Rachel, it looks as though you are off to great start on the planning.

    Twisted Limb is such a cool company but I couldn't fit the price into our budget. I ended up using an etsy vendor who printed our invites on recycled paper. Etsy.com, TheKnot.com, and OffBeatBride.com were my best friends during the planning process.