My "Secret" Handmade Wedding Favors!

This project has been approved by the hubby-to be, which makes it official! I will be hand-making wine charms for each guest!

I am unsure if there will be a set of 4 for each guest, or just one. (It depends on how fast I can make them!) Here's the fun part--these charms will be made from things I find around the house, such as old jewelry, beads, buttons, old keyboard keys, etc! The samples I made are from an old computer keyboard and a broken necklace! I am so excited to really get started making these!

Today I was alittle too excited when I started because I had an accident with the superglue! (hint: it was all over my hands!) So I guess I'll be peeling that off for the rest of the weekend. :-)

If anyone has any cool suggestions for everyday items that would make cute charms, please let me know! The more ideas I have, the better!


  1. LOL that is great! I love the keyboard ones those are great!