Medical/Scientific Wine Charms!

I promise this blog will not be totally about wine charms, but last night while celebrating my birthday early, I decided to try my bottle cap charm idea and it turned out WONDERFULLY! I'm so excited, that I have to share it with you!

I have been collecting bottle caps for a while for an art project that I never got around to doing, so I'm going to use them for the wine charms! Instead of showing the beer brand on the cap, I'm covering them with various things: magazine ads, anatomy atlases, catalogs, road maps, etc. I can also flip them over and put an image on the inside to differentiate them from other sets. My mom went through her jewelry box and sent me some old broken necklaces and shells. I have plenty to work with now!

This first one comes from the 2006 Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) member salon catalog (i had an extra one). A great way for me to share my profession with my wedding guests! I will also have the catalog available for the guests to look at if they are interested in seeing the full illustration from which their wine charms were designed!

Illustration source:
How a Pandemic Strain Emerges

Alice Y. Chen -- A.Y. Chen Illustration & Design

*Note* If you're in this catalog and DO NOT want your illustration made into wine charms, please email me. I will credit every illustration on the card that goes along with each set of charms. On the other hand, if you WANT a set of charms made from your illustration, just let me know! :-)
Also, if this is totally inappropriate and infringes on copyright, please let me know! I think these illustrations make amazing charms and would spark great conversations!

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