Sneak Peek: DIY Save-the-Dates!

Our original green plan for Save-the-Dates was to be electronic and send them through email, however my mother has expressed a sincere interest in sending a few to friends and family members. So, we have decided to print a small quantity to mail. Here's the scoop:
- We created our own design using photography courtesy of my wonderful mother!
- We will use 100% recycled PCW paper from a local store.
- We will mail them as postcards to avoid the extra paper in envelopes
- EMAIL the rest to those of our guests who have publicly shared their emails. :-)

So, here's the design!

The website at the bottom is not active. It is a placeholder until we get the real website up and running (which Derek is designing and developing!) So exciting!!!

Oh, and one question I have for all of you in my teeny-tiny blogosphere. Is it noticeably odd that I am not wearing my engagement ring in this photo? It was being re-sized when we took these photos, and for all of the other shots I turned a ring around on my ring finger with intentions to photoshop in the diamond (haha i know i'm such a nerd). But this photo was very spontaneous and I forgot to change my rings around! Do you think it's a big deal? I can spend some time photoshopping the rings, but I want to know if it's worth it. Let me know what you think!!


  1. I'm not sure I would have noticed had you not pointed it out...

  2. Hi Rachel! First of all congrats!! I don't think it's odd at all, some people don't even do the whole engagement ring thing anyway. Hope your planning is going great, are you coming to the AMI meeting in Richmond?
    -Kate Burnett

  3. I was too busy admiring the ice cream cones to notice if you had a ring on! Nice design!

  4. I forgot to add yesterday to keep writing your blog. It keeps me up-to-date/entertained at work. It's nice to keep up on what's going on!

  5. Never would have noticed if you hadn't asked.