DIY Wine Charm progress!

Hey All!
Over memorial day I visited my grandmother and she pulled out a huge jewelry box full of goodies and told me to go through it and take what I like to use for the wine charms! It was a TREASURE BOX! She does not have her ears pierced, so there were tons of pairs of clip-on earrings, old broken necklaces and pins! All perfect for wine charms! So, this week whenever I needed a break from the computer work, I wandered over to my workshop (aka the living room, the only other "room" in the apartment!) and started making the jewelry into charms!

I'm starting to get a nice collection going. I've had friends send me the most random of things like the plastic tags on toddler clothing! (Kudos to Erica for those!!!) But that's the point! This project is all about recycling the random objects found around the house that would normally be thrown away and creating a new item out of them!

I'm not actually putting together the whole charm right now, just getting it ready so it can easily be strung on the wire. I am going to plan a charm-making party in Chicago soon, so all of you who are in the area, clean out your jewelry boxes and get ready for a fun night! I will provide the wine and food, if you provide the broken jewelry/random objects for charms! :-)

I'm also still hunting for thrift store wine glasses! Some stores in Chicago are charging an awful lot for mis-matched glasses. I was thinking no more than $.50-$1.00 but some are marked as high as $3.00 per glass! That's a little outrageous for me since we need to find over 300 of these. So the hunt continues! If you see a deal at a garage sale this summer, grab 'em for me and I will cut you a check and make a personalized charm for you! :-)

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