Reason #1 why I LOVE photoshop!

Compare the images below and see if you can find what's missing!

If I can remove shadows, zits and strengthen a jawline, imagine what I can do with those extra 10 pounds I've been trying to get rid of! :-) Just some fun with Photoshop on the engagement photos we had taken. We probably will not use this one for anything, but it was fun to see how it could be cleaned up! I'm VERY glad we hired a professional wedding photographer-- Sara Jayne Weitzel is AMAZING!-- She has such great ideas and I can't wait to see the great photos she takes of us!

Ok, the next post will be our wedding invitation design. I'm still waiting to get the test print from the printer, but I'm pretty sure we won't be changing the design. Programs are next on my agenda! Derek is putting together the wedding website today! Maybe I'll throw in a sneak peek of that too! Thanks for reading!! :-)


  1. Can't wait for all of the photos on your big day!!! Its going to be SO MUCH FUN!!