Our "not-so-green" wedding bands

One aspect of our wedding that we did not go-green on is our wedding rings. I love traditions and passing things down, but unfortunately my mother's wedding ring (which was her grandmother's) is way too small for me. I did not want to destroy it by using the gold to create a new ring either. If one day my fingers are small enough, I hope to wear my great-grandmother's wedding ring, but for now Derek and I may be starting our own traditions.
Even though it's not "green" I'm still excited and want to share! So here they are!

We had lunch after we picked them up and did not want to leave them unattended in the car, so we pretended to be married for an hour! Derek says he really has to get used to his because of the weight. His ring is made of Tungsten Carbide and is kind of heavy. But he loves it!
We also finished designing our save-the-dates and invitations! We have definitely been productive! I will upload images of both in a later post once we finalize the wording. Less than 4 months to go!!!!

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