Life got in the way! :-)

It's funny how easily life can get in the way of blogging! It appears that I have been on a month long hiatus from the blogosphere! I hope I have retained the few followers that I started with!
My parents were in the city this weekend and mom took some great shots of us to use as engagement photos! We may use a few others for our save-the-date emails too! Perfect, free and the photo-shoot came with iowa pork chops! :-)

I've realized over the past couple months how difficult it can be to plan a "green" wedding. Both of our families are very large, and since we haven't seen many of our friends for a while, that list is also getting long. One decision that we recently made is to go with real plates and silverware. We had originally discussed using 100% recycled or sugarcane-based table service, however that was entirely too expensive for our budget. I'm really getting excited about using the real stuff because now all the tables will be set and will look beautiful!

We've also decided to go with an outdoor wedding. Hopefully the decorations will be simple and very natural. Anything that we purchase we are trying to re-purpose afterward. My mother had her eyes on 2 large, green pots that she knew would look amazing for the wedding, but she also has plans to use them in her garden when our event is over!

Sadly, not all the elements of our wedding will be eco-friendly, but it's that extra effort to help out in whatever ways we can that make a difference. I am still looking for suggestions or ideas anyone out there has to offer!

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  1. i know, carpooling! anyone coming from this area (besides toni)?