Long weekend, lots of planning!

Over the long weekend, lots of planning was done! We made some final decisions on times, places, set-up and details. One major detail we finally figured out was my recycled wine charm favor idea.

I have been struggling with finding a way to present these charms so guests know what they are without spending alot of money doing so. I was browsing wedding blogs and I came across a post on OffBeat Bride about a couple who collected thrift store coffee mugs (called them muglies!) for their guests! I loved it! So, I sat my entire family down and they all agreed to begin searching! We don't know the size of our guest list yet, but it's safe to say we will be collecting nearly 300 thrift store wine glasses!

Amazing photo courtesy of Soon-to-be Mrs. Eric Rubeck :-) Thanks, Toni!

I'm so excited because we're not limiting it to a certain style of wine glass--these will be all kinds of stemware like goblets and champagne flutes! It will definitely showcase our recycled theme!!

I have another really cool find that I am dying to share, but I have a few more decisions to make before I know if it will actually make a debut at the wedding. I will share it either way, but I'll make you all wait in suspense! Clue: It's something old and has to do with human anatomy and art! Any guesses?? :-)

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  1. Hey!!!! I took that picture! Give me the credit I'm due for that AMAZING shot ;) lol