Recycled wedding card box!

Wow, sorry for the long hiatus...again. It's tough to post when the hours in each day just seem to fly by! We have bout 45 days left until our wedding day! It seems unreal that it is this close! And a little scary since I still have a long list of things to do for that day! Well, let me update you on our last little project!

Our wedding card box!
I wanted to make this simple and follow our green theme, so I saved a bunch of boxes from the mail, a couple large pizza boxes and grabbed a few brown paper bags from my mom's house. This box is nearly 100% recycled! Here's what we did!

1. My live-in architect helped create a stable box structure and lid with his amazing modeling skills!

2. I crumpled the brown paper bags and ironed them with wax paper to get a neat effect! Then I wrapped the box and lid with the paper.

3. I used paints and ribbon leftover from our boutonnieres to put the finishing touches on our box!

It definitely looks different, but I think it fits us!

Our invitations have been sent out! Hopefully the mail does not eat them like it did some of my shower invitations! I can't wait to see everyone! It is going to be a great weekend! Check out our wedding website that Derek and I designed! That's all for now! Check back soon as we start to design our wedding programs! :-)


  1. Hi Rachel! Long time no talk :0)

    Love the box, and the invite below! We made our invites too and they were awesome and one of my favorite wedding invites ever - yours is also in my "favorites".

    Good luck with the rest of the planning!

  2. wow that turned out way cooler then I had imagined it would.