Recycled projects!

I have so much to post, but it's hard to find the time to organize and actually post! We've done a couple more crafty-recycled-green projects in the last few weeks! One idea was the ring bearer "pillow". I knew that I did not want an actual pillow (unless I made it or found one that was handmade), so I was looking at other ideas such as a large leaf, small gord, chunk of wood....you get the picture. Something different.
Then I came across this posting at Offbeat Bride (Click here for the full post) explaining step by step how to make a ring book! I feel in LOVE with this idea! I found an old book that was falling apart from its cover. Derek still wanted to read it, so I only used the hard cover for this project and kept the pages in tact and readable for him. I used an old 2005 market book that was out-of-date and cut down the pages to fit. I then covered it with our signature brown grocery bags, crumpled and iron with wax paper! When it's finished I will post pictures, but here's a picture from the original idea from Zephyr at Offbeatbride.com

There's another project I'm working on, but I have to run out the door for a meeting, so I will post that later! 26 DAYS LEFT!!!

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  1. Such a cute idea! I'd love to see a picture of how yours turned out